European Patents and Global PCT Patents – Further Price Savings


There are a number of effortless techniques to significantly decrease your European patent software charges, equally when filing right at the European Patent Place of work (‘EPO’) from a domestic patent filing or when entering the European Regional Section from an international patent software (‘PCT’) at 31 months from the earliest priority day.

Occasionally, Only Freedom Matters are offered with a European patent specification or an global patent specification having a massive variety of pages, which on a lot more than one event has been above one particular hundred. As we know, each and every page in surplus of the initial 35 pages incurs an ‘excess page’ formal charge, which at existing is €13 Euros. These ‘excess page’ expenses can consequently quickly mount up.

So, the concern is, how can we limit these ‘excess page’ charges when filing European patent programs or worldwide PCT patent applications?

Having the European patent software initial, the specification can certainly be formatted if immediately filing, for case in point, when declaring priority from a regional or domestic countrywide patent application. However, when coming into the European Regional Period from an international PCT patent application, it is also possible to file reformatted pages made up of the same text in an energy to decrease the webpages figures and hence the European Patent Office formal fees.

To this end, the margins of the specification can be a minimum of:

Top margin: two cm

Left side margin: two.5 cm

Appropriate aspect margin: 2 cm

Base margin: 2 cm

By stripping out the remaining aspect line quantities on the webpages, and probably also the page figures at the best or base, the text of the specification can be expanded out to fulfill the least margin widths. Strictly, web page numbers ought to be offered, but it is most likely that the omission of website page figures would not be elevated as a formal defect. The page amount, if included, should not be inside the margin – that’s why the reward of omitting the website page quantity so that the textual content of the specification can lengthen entirely to the best and base margins.

The line spacing can also be altered. Several technical specs use double line spacing. Even so, by reducing the line spacing to the minimal necessity of 1.5 level, this can also aid compact the textual content and hence decrease the page figures.

A final idea for a European patent specification is to reduce the dimension of the font to the minimum of .21 mm for funds letters. This equates to 11 point in Instances New Roman. By minimizing the font from the normal 12 point to 11 stage can also assist compact the textual content and therefore lessen the overall web page amount.

Turning now to the international patent application (‘PCT’), this has mostly similar demands to that of the European patent software. The margin sizes as pointed out previously mentioned are the same, even though the font dimension for cash letters should be a minimal of .28 mm, not the .21 mm for European apps. Again, a specification formatted with Moments New Roman of eleven point would possibly be accepted.

The least line spacing is also one.five, which can be valuable in compacting the textual content.

Other tips which can be regarded are stripping out tabbing for new paragraphs, and also ‘condensing’ the spacing among specific letters of phrases. In this latter situation, the guidelines for text in the specifications of European patent apps and worldwide patent programs make no point out of spacing between letters, and by lowering this spacing as considerably as attainable although still retaining legibility, yet again can assist in lowering an general quantity of webpages.

The previously mentioned pointers offer a number of beneficial options to bear in thoughts when making an attempt to reduce your all round costs related with the official fees payable to the European Patent Workplace when filing your European application or your European Regional Entry of an worldwide PCT patent software.

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